Do you own a new home? Perhaps you want to know how to prevent your roof from prematurely aging ad having troubles? If you do, then read on some tips to help you keep your roof in good shape even after many years down the road.  

1. Give time to gutter cleaning 

A year has many seasons and some seasons pour out tons of fallen brown leaves on the gutter of your roof. Sometimes, dirt also accumulates in your gutters, and if your shingles are getting old, debris from the shingles itself can pile up on the gutter of your roof. This may be easy to shake off and leave for the next vacant weeks in your schedule, given you have a hectic work week all the time. However, leaving this issue for too long can lead to damage not just on the roof but also on your home structure. When gutters are unclean due to accumulated leaves and dirt, water from the rain can clog up and may lead to rotting issues of your roof. Suppose your gutter suddenly gives away due to the weight of the accumulated water. In that case, you may also face other damages, including landscape issues, because water has not down in the direction it was supposed to. So, make sure you invest some time in gutter cleaning. 

2. Gutter brush 

Have you heard of a gutter brush? Well, it somehow sounds new to me too! However, through its name itself, you can technically imagine what it does. The role of a gutter brush is to block the debris that may go into the gutter of your roof. Through this, your gutter is protected from dirt and fallen leaves accumulation and ditching problems that follow. Also, it is a tool that is easy to maintain. You can just give it a jet wash annually, and you are good to go.  

3. Trim your trees 

Trees are nice to have around the area of your property. It provides the right shade to keep your home cooled down, especially in the heat of summer. However, a tree needs regular trimming for it to be generally beneficial. If you have heard why trimming is beneficial for the tree itself, you will not be surprised why it is beneficial to your roof. A tree near your roof may have branches that are near your roof’s shingles. Since the branches provide a path to your roof, it may be a good passage for squirrels to go through, and having squirrels around may be cute to imagine; however, it can provide damage to your home’s roofing system. Having branches over your roof may also be a recipe for disaster when it comes to storms because it may give away anytime and may fall onto your roof. Estimating the weight of a single branch will cause massive damage to your roof.   

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