multiple perspectives

"i am large... i contain multitudes" -- walt whitman

multiple perspectives... the burb for online diarists and journallers that identify as multiple. ~ the online webjournalog of a twenty-something female existing in multiplicity while living in boston. [co-founder of multiple perspectives, added 6/19/2000.]

tunneling ~ the adventures and musings of the myriad. it is mostly written by the front-runners, but others will occasionally chime in. the body is 19, just starting college at uc santa cruz. [co-founder of multiple perspectives, added 6/19/2000.]

OverHeard - 30something journaller/s... "Learn the true topography; the monstrous and wonderful archetypes are not inside you, not in your own unconsciousness; you are inside them..." [added 6/20/2000]

Lantern Waste ~ "Anger and tenderness: my selves
And now I can believe they breathe in me
as angels, not polarities.
Anger and tenderness: the spider's genius
to spin and weave in the same action
from her own body, anywhere

even from a broken web."
(Adrienne Rich : Integrity)
[added 6/22/2000]

Beyond The Pale ~ SplitAngels is a multiple personality system with approximately 40 members. The website with the same name is there for information on DID and to get to know us all better. [added 7/4/2000].

the DP journal ~ The Anachronic Army is a multiple system that keeps a journal on their Dark Personalities site. They write from the stance that being a multiple is not a disorder, and do not censor their writing. [added 12/8/2000].

forest for the trees ~ The journal, musings, history and records of a multiple system, The Consortium. Step lightly in this forest, and don't eat the mushrooms. (The Consortium probably did.) [added 7/22/2001].

The Willows ~ It is written by Us, The Willows... and it is not censored. Anyone of us who is in the mood is quite welcome to write there. [added 11/03/2001]

Shadow Troops ~ the journal of a multiple system. the honest and uncensored twists of turns of living with 50+ people in one body. [added 11/03/2001]

Birch Grove ~ Open, honest, and uncensored. Where just talking meets just living. Once you're sharing a body, sharing a journal doesn't seem like such a big step. [added 02/28/2002]

My Life in Insanity ~ The life of a Multiple and how she deals with it. "It's inside your heart where the battle is won". [added 7/14/2002]

Warriors Hearts ~ Welcome to the land of monsters and miracles. This is the journal of assorted members of our system, who may or may not explain themselves. Poetry and wonder and screams to be expected. [added 9/22/2002]

Zoned Out ~ it's about my life in the darkside/no man's land sector of the alliance. I talk about dark sinster things and sometimes not so dark (and somewhat trivial) things. [added 9/28/2002]

Our Odyssey ~ The merging wounds, laughter, and souls of UsLot Inc getting through day to day existence as human beings. [added 9/28/2002]

Peace of a Puzzle ~ Hi I'm PeaceofaPuzzle, host of a system of 7 people called The Butterfly Gang. We have started an online jounral mainly to write about issues in our life. There will not be a lot of memory talk here. Topics so far include abortion, mental illness, head lice and various other things. We are a Christian system so beware when you read. [added 1/1/2003]

Moonstorm Paradox ~ This is the diary of many living and fighting and loving in one body. Tempers flare, happiness and glee visits, then the floor may suddenly drop from beneath our feet and the black melancholy descends as an overgrown raven smothering with his powerful wings... [added 8/6/2003]

want to join? mail us with the url and title of your journal, and a short description that you would like us to include on this page.

(c) 2000 morgan todd and jess. founded june 19th, 2000. collaborations may be in the future of this burb if the members are all agreeable. if you know any multiples with a journal that are not listed here, email us!