The roof is a significant part of a home. It is built and designed to last for many years to keep your home from getting wet or cold due to rain or snow and getting hot due to the sun’s heat. This shade may often be taken for granted due to our busy lives. However, make sure that when you see signs of your roof getting into trouble, you get the right help so that you can use it longer.   

So, what are some signs of roof trouble that you can easily spot? 

1. Lines or Patches 

If you have heard about shingles missing or shingles letting off debris on gutters, then you need to know more signs. Did you know that any signs of patches of color or lines are also an indication that your roof is in trouble? Also, any shingles that are not in place and look like it is buckling is often due to it curling, which is a bad sign. Try to go away from your front porch and take a look at the roof of your home. Does it look uneven to you? If it is, then these spots of discoloration may be due to the aging of the shingles on your roof. Get a professional to have your roofing checked and get rid of those shingles that have been discolored.  

2. Check your chimney 

I know that we are focusing on your roofing today. However, when it comes to keeping your roof healthy, the chimney plays a big role. Go and check if your chimney is showing any signs of peeling or damage. If you have observed your chimney having these troubles, then your roof may have troubles as well. These damages are often caused by roof damage and may be mainly due to penetration of moisture or heat. Through this, you may also have to invest in sealing your roofing all the time repetitively.  

3. Black algae vs. moss 

Black algae are often mistaken as moss since both of them are look-alike. However, the difference between the two is how the former does not provide damage, but the latter does. Moss can hold onto moisture o water. This is very important information to know because once it is left alone to grow or reproduce more, your roof may need to carry unnecessary weight due to the moisture or water accumulated by the moss growing in your roof. The good thing about knowing it in its initial growing states is how you can easily remove it through the use of a formal with potassium salts. It is a formula opted by roofing professionals because it is not toxic and does no harm to the roofing shingles on your roof. Moreover, make sure to only put the formula on the spots where moss is present. Also, you can shrug off the responsibility off of your shoulders if you let the roofing professionals do it for you.   

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