Causes of Cracks in Glass 

Glass is generally known as a fragile material. Yes, it has various benefits, including providing a clearer view and getting light in. However, once it breaks or cracks, t can become a big problem when not immediately fixed.   

However, what causes the glass to crack?  

1. Impact 

Glass can easily crack due to exposure to impact. When a heavy object hits a glass material, the glass will surely break apart. Heavy objects may include rocks or balls that are small in size but can be easily affected by factors of weight and speed. When a small object like a tennis ball is tapped on a glass, it will not break. However, when introduced in the distance with force, its impact can damage or break the glass.   

Glass can break into tiny pieces and may be difficult to gather if it is hard to see. It can lead to minor wounds when you pick it without caution. That’s why when handling glass issues, it is best to have a glass professional do it. Cheyenne glass repair provides solutions to your glass concerns. You can get their help by connecting with them through their website  

2. Stress 

Another cause of the crack is stress. Cracks can occur when the glass itself had design issues when it was built. Glass is sometimes strengthened through increasing temperature, and when not done correctly, it can provide stress, causing it to break.   

Are you wondering if the glass in your windows is caused by stress? You can quickly notice if this is the cause of the crack in our windows if you observe where the crack is located. Have you observed that they are located on the sides of the glass of the windows? If so, you may be facing a crack due to stress. This type of glass concern is rooted in erratic temperature. If you are in a location where temperatures are extreme, this situation is common.  

3. Pressure 

If you think stress and pressure are the same, you may know why they are different today. If you pay more attention to the crack in your glass of concern, you may be able to easily differentiate how a stress crack and a crack due to pressure differs. A crack due to stress starts on the edge and scatters as it worsens. However, you can easily sort it out if it is due to pressure. It is a crack that follows a line but has a web of other cracks that surrounds it. If you experience this type of crack and opt for repair, you may go for the wrong solution. Pressure cracks can only be solved through replacement, unlike other cracks. This crack also has the same cause as stress crack; temperature changes.   

Do you have glass crack or repair concerns? Give a professional a call to get the best solution for your dilemma!